• Kerb Appeal Counts

    full house renovation and home staging
  • Make A Good First Impression

    home staging great first impressions
  • Ti#e1e1e1 To Inspi#e1e1e1

    fireplace and staircase need updating
  • Ti#e1e1e1 To Inspi#e1e1e1

    transform a fireplace
  • Does Your Bathroom Look Great?

    home staging keep bathrooms spotless clean
  • Great Bathrooms Sell Houses

    after full house renovation bathroom
  • Kitchen Past it Sell By Date?

    home staging kitchen makeover
  • Update Your Kitchen on A Budget

    kitchen makeover home staging
  • Quick fix kitchens

House renovation

We know that investing in renovating your home can achieve increases in your sale price. We have helped so many customers increase the value of there property, our record was a 3% investment making a 28% increase in the sale price of their home and we achieved that sale on the same day the house went on the market! We have a proven track record of results. So if your home need some TLC we can help you. And because we know how to budget we deliver the end results cost effectively.

Because we have years of experience we have the know how on how to achieve the WOW without spending much money. We have a wide range of options depending on how hands on you want to be. If you just want an initial consultation then we can visit your home from just £80 and talk to you about simple steps that will help sell your home.

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Your home is the largest financial investment you will make, when it comes to selling you need to realise its full potential.

“Selling your home can be very challenging. The property market has changed and we can help you present your home so potential buyers don’t think there is a lot of work and costs involved to make your house their home.”

We work with you to maximise the value in your home for the least possible cost.

• Small investment big return

• More viewings, less timewasters

• More confidence – your home looks better

The property market has changed and buyers are more demanding about what they expect to see when they walk into your house. If your home doesn’t meet their expectations, the next on the list just might or they will expect to negotiate heavily on price.

You need to sell your house quickly if you’ve offe#e1e1e1 on your next home or your house may not be attracting the buyer you need.

If you’ve lived in your home a while those little unfinished jobs and clutter can just mount up. You see your home every day so looking at it through the eyes of the buyer can be really difficult.
Creative homeseller will give you an objective, honest review of your home. Looking at all those details you just can’t see while you live there. We can tell you what buyers are looking for and make that vital first impression really count.

It’s the simple steps that make you big money. Rather than dropping your sale price let Creative homeseller help. We can help you turn your for sale sign into sold.


We offer a range of services depending on what you need.

• Deep cleaning

• Decorating, updating

• Bathroom updates – tiling and plumbing

• Kitchen updates – tiling and plumbing

• Staging – adding furniture and furnishings

Quick Fix – An introductory overview of what a buyer will see and feel when they walk into your home. Ideas of how to maximise your homes potential to ensure you get the most out of your home.

Step by Step – We provide a consultation to review what your buyers will think of your house. You receive a creative homesellers report detailing all the steps you can take to maximise your homes profitability. The report is prioritised for you to work through with colour samples, swatches and contacts if necessary.

You make it happen and make more money.

Hands on – We work with you in your home. Providing advice and motivation on how to transform your home.

Working with you to make it happen and make more money.

Sit Back – Your lifestyle may be hectic and you just can’t find the time. You may be relocating and on a tight deadline or maybe you just don’t have the motivation to refresh your home. Don’t loose out on your homes full potential due to stressful deadlines let creative homeseller do the work.

We can project manage the updates leaving you the time to think of how you’ll be spending the extra money you will make.