Planning on Selling Your Home? Week 1

Make That First Impression Count

The majority of potential buyers first impression of your home is created when they view your property online. So it’s essential to make sure your photographs look great. Before your estate agent takes the photographs you must make sure your home is ready. A quick look through Rightmove shows that the first thing your potential buyers see of your prperty is all the recycling bins so pleasethink carefully about where you store them. Then  before booking a viewing most buyers will walk or drive past just to check they like the area and house before committing to spend their valuable time on a viewing. So make sure your home is always ready.

Week 1 Tips – Keep the outside neat and tidy at all times.

  • Hide bins
  • Clear away all old planters, pots
  • Mow lawn
  • Make sure garden is neat and tidy
  • Update exterior lights
  • Add new door furniture shiny and new
  • Add an impressive door number
  • Make sure door bell works
  • Paint front door in a colour to attract the right buyer
  • Add planters to side of front door